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Rats keeping you up at night? Hearing scratching in your walls at odd hours of the night? Gnawing and chewing the inside of your drywall? Chewing through wiring and water pipes? You have hired the top local rodent companies, but you still have rats? You’re at your wits end on solving your rat problem? Can’t find how there getting in? Rat traps are not working? If you are experiencing any of the above, then this handbook is right for you. You will finally be able to take on the rat war going on in your home! This handbook will give you the upper hand and even help you manage your local pest control company to finally solve your rat problem.

We have seen it all and stopped it all.

We have seen the extreme and have cracked the code to stopping rats inside your home. The destruction, health hazard, and severeness we have witnessed and have solved for homeowners is unbelievable. Through this journey of putting ourselves into hundreds of homes, after many local pest control and rodent companies cannot solve the mystery of rat infestation in a building structure, the Twins have finally made a breakthrough discovery.
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